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Join the Hort team and become one of our many dealers
Why Choose Hort?

Aside from being a proven business with a low start-up cost. Our fittings are high quality and come in a wide variety.

What Skills Do You Need?

When you join the Hort team, you’ll get world-class support before you even make your first hose and well beyond. Our dealer support system features:


On Call Help

Quick Service

Fast Delivery


Why Our Product?

Our easy-to-use crimp fittings are bite to wire and are very reliable. The 5000 series can crimp on one, two, or four wire hose. Our D165M crimper is 110 volts, that make it the most productive and economical crimper out there.

What Comes With Choosing Hort?

When you are a Hort Dealer, you’re part of an amazing team and one of its most recognized brands, and you’ll get the support and experience that comes with it. Be part of a winning brand that keeps customers coming back for hose made while they wait.

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